About Us


Sancryl Chemicals

Our Vision is to improve everyday South African life through our innovative chemistry and products.

Sancryl Chemicals is a national supplier and manufacturer of polymers, specialty industrial chemicals and coatings. The company is the only privately Black owned manufacturer of its type in South Africa. Sancryl has sales offices manned by specially trained staff and distribution warehouses in the major areas of Durban, Gauteng, and Western Cape.

The company enjoys steady organic growth based upon quality and customer satisfaction. It is well placed to ensure that all of the benefits (financial strength, legal & quality compliances, consistency in quality, introduction of new products) and associated with both large and small organizations (flexibility and personal attention) are available.

Sancryl is a progressive company and has grown tremendously on its strength of service developing an ever-increasing product range to meet its customer’s demands. Sancryl products are targeted to the paints and coatings industry in the main, whilst maintaining its market involvement in the adhesives, water treatment, detergent, mining, and related industries. The company manufactures a range of acrylic binders, speciality binders, dispersants, defoamers, deflocculants, antiscalants, sequestrants, biocides and other specialty surfactants and additives. Recent focus has been on the development of a complete range of  products needed in the manufacture of water- based paints that safely satisfy all the requirements of environmentally friendly paints, as per European Decopaint Directive 2004/42/EC, along with other added environment friendly advantages. Its labs continually seeks technologies that reduce costs, raise productivity, maintain high quality and lead to long-term investment

 Sancryl encourages a culture of safety and safe work practices. Behind the companies’ on-sight presence, is a sophisticated set of systems, training, and management control, that have evolved through continuous evaluation and assessment which are imbedded in our ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 compliant documented procedures. These provide the guideline to its structural framework of policies, procedures, measures, and processes, its product quality, its ethical code of conduct, its risk minimization, and its sustainable value creation.  Sancryl complies with corporate governance requirements, adhering to all the legal, accounting, and environmental laws of the country including the new air emissions license. Further, as part of its sustainability initiatives, it conforms to cleaner manufacturing and have embarked on a number of projects to reduce the usage of both municipal water and electricity and have instituted controls to reduce air emissions and effluent disposal.

With over 30 years’ experience in the industry, we specialize in providing the customer with a tailored service at an affordable price. We work together with our stakeholders to make our life together better. Sancryl provides professional service and advice. All our staff are highly trained and have many years of experience and they are always available for all your queries and requests.  A developing, supportive, and cooperative culture is in our psyche, ensuring that our staff are dedicated towards our vision resulting in the continual growth of our customer base.

 Quality of service and the commitment of the directors and staff have ensured that our customer retention rate is among the highest in the industry. Continuous technical support to its customers is a primary offering. Our customer philosophy is strongly based on nurturing long term one-on-one relationships and working in joint collaboration on new technical developments. We are client focussed and continually seek improvements in our products. We are determined to succeed and draw inspiration from challenges. Our philosophy is provision of value adding solutions and their timely and cost-effective solutions. Sancryl offers its Sancryl Customer Technology and Care Centre to all its customers.

Sancryl understands and welcomes the ever changing SA economic climate and the needs of new market participants. Its range of services approach is ideally suited to satisfy the needs of new entrants by offering customers problem identification to supply of appropriate solutions, providing real time management of their business. The company provides solutions that meet all customers’ needs focusing on the decrease of costs/risk production.